Environment & Planning

Brian Bull / KLCC

If you visit the University of Oregon this week, you may spot a tree dweller 70 feet off the ground, protesting climate change.

350 Eugene

Local environmental groups will hold a town hall about climate issues in Eugene today, April 11. The meeting will focus on transportation which is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

Department of State Lands

Overnight camping on the islands of the Willamette River in Eugene could soon be illegal....again. The State Land Board will vote on whether to initiate a rule-making process that would ban the practice on about a dozen islands during its meeting in Salem on Tuesday.

Karen Richards

After China stopped taking used American plastics last year, Lane County asked Denton Plastics, a Portland-based company that worked only with clean, industrial material, if they'd take a chance on post-consumer containers. It worked. Lane County will host its second plastics round-up Sunday.

Brian Bull / KLCC

If you’re a landowner troubled by turkeys in the Eugene-Springfield or Corvallis area, state wildlife officials want to hear from you. 

Chris Lehman / KLCC

Shoppers in Salem may need to find a new routine starting Monday. That's when the city is banning single-use plastic bags at large retail outlets.

Salem’s new law will require stores to charge customers at least a nickel for paper bags. The fee will be waived for customers using public assistance programs to purchase their groceries. The city has been running ads to remind shoppers of the new ordinance and to urge people to make it a habit to bring along their own bags.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

Technicians at the Corvallis Waste Water Plant went on a one-day blitz to identify ways the 65-year-old facility could save energy.

Oregon Legislature

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill Wednesday that will indefinitely extend the state’s ban on offshore oil and gas drilling. An existing ban was set to expire in January. The measure that Brown signed into law removes the expiration.

Claudio Jofre Larenas / Flickr.com

For allergy sufferers across the Willamette Valley, the huge winter storm that hit the region last month will provide some reprieve. 

Tiffany Eckert

Hundreds of students from 4-J schools and the University of Oregon joined in a classroom “walk out” today (Friday.) The young people were acting in solidarity with an international climate strike movement.

Frank Bibeau

Minnesota Honor the Earth tribal attorney Frank Bibeau, stopped by Eugene last week for an event on the Rights of Nature movement. KLCC spoke with the Chippewa lawyer about a recent ordinance his tribe passed giving legal rights to Manoomin, or wild rice.

Andrew Kumler

Conservationists are cheering after President Donald Trump signed a sweeping public lands bill Tuesday. Among other things, it establishes the 30-thousand acre Devils Staircase Wilderness in southwest Oregon. 

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

A Lane County fish hatchery will close at the end of June unless Oregon lawmakers decide to keep it open. The Leaburg Hatchery opened almost 70 years ago along the McKenzie River 20 miles east of Springfield. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife operated the trout and steelhead hatchery under a federal contract. When the US Army Corps of Engineers pulled funding last year, state lawmakers plugged the hole with a one-year spending plan.

Oregon Department of Forestry

New rules meant to reduce the impact of smoke from controlled forest burns are now in effect in Oregon.

CBS News

The young people suing the federal government over climate change were featured on the CBS program “60 Minutes” Sunday. The program highlighted the case that was originally filed in Eugene five years ago.

Cascadia Wildlands

Two conservation groups, Oregon Wild and Cascadia Wildlands, filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a logging project outside of Springfield. They say the project will increase fire hazards and harm recreation.

Andrew Kumler

The U.S. Senate Tuesday passed a public lands package that includes protections for the Devil’s Staircase in Oregon. Conservation groups are hopeful the legislation will also be approved in the House.

Oregon Dept. of Forestry

The Northwest Forest Plan was a ground-breaking policy to protect wildlife habitat. Now 25 years in, a new study examining bird populations shows we’re still a good ways off from achieving the plan’s conservation goals.

Beyond Toxics

A coalition of environmental and civil rights groups have teamed up to create a list of climate actions they want the state legislature to consider in this year’s session. Both the Eugene-Springfield NAACP and Beyond Toxics have joined in on the Oregon Green New Deal campaign.

Karen Richards / KLCC

Lane County Waste Management is holding their second plastics roundup at the Glenwood Transfer station in April. But this time there is a way to get your plastics in even earlier.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

The Oregon Coast Trail meanders along beaches, through forests…and sometimes along the shoulder of busy Highway 101.

Chris Lehman / KLCC

Hundreds of people rallied in Salem Tuesday evening outside the last in a series of public hearings on a proposed natural gas facility. The Jordan Cove Energy Project wants to build a 230-mile pipeline across southern Oregon, with a terminal near Coos Bay.

Eric R. Day, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org

Oregon forestry officials say a potentially devastating pest hitchhiked into Oregon on a shipment of Christmas trees this year.

Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept.

About 20 thousand Gray whales are expected to swim along the Oregon coast on their migration south from Alaska this winter. The week of December 27th through 31st is Whale Watching Week

Lane County Waste Management

$11-billion worth of packing material. 38,000 miles of ribbon.  Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, Americans generate 25% more trash than any other time of year. KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert reports these statistics are a real humbug for local waste managers.

Travis Williams / Willamette Riverkeeper

A research project on mussels in the Willamette River has wrapped up. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the head of a conservation group is delighted about its findings.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

This time of year sea turtles are known to wash up on Oregon and Washington beaches. Officials are asking the public to keep an eye out for the endangered critters.


The Salem City Council passed a ban on plastic carryout bags on Monday night. The new rules will go into effect in 2019.

BLM of Oregon & Washington / Flickr.com

Climate change has created hotter and drier conditions, which in turn have made wildfires larger and more intense. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, a new forest plan addresses those factors.

Willamette National Forest

A fire that started in August in the Willamette National Forest east of Eugene is still burning in the Three Sisters Wilderness. Officials have closed some areas until next summer for public safety.