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Ryan Bundy Declares Himself An 'Idiot' Not Subject To US Courts

<p>In several court filings, Ryan Bundy said he is "incompetent" and not subject to federal&nbsp;law.</p>

Amanda Peacher


In several court filings, Ryan Bundy said he is "incompetent" and not subject to federal law.

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupier Ryan Bundy filed a series of court motions late Thursday, declaring himself a sovereign citizen who isn't subject to federal laws.

Bundy, who is representing himself in the conspiracy case against the refuge occupiers, declares himself an ""  and not subject to federal law, according to the documents.

"I, ryan c, man, am an idiot of the 'Legal Society'; and; am an idiot (layman, outsider) of the 'Bar Association'; and; i am incompetent; and; am not required by any law to be competent," Bundy wrote in a motion filed to U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown.

The filings are the latest in increasingly defiant and strange behavior from Bundy, including an alleged escape attempt from the Multnomah County Detention Center.

As justification for the filings separating himself from U.S. laws, Bundy filed a motion declaring himself , and therefore is not subject to laws.

Bundy also wrote that his wife and children are members of the Bundy society, Brown is guilty of perjury, and that he believes his home state of Nevada and the state of Oregon are not within the United States. Instead, Bundy said both states are "sovereign union states" that are not within the jurisdiction of the U.S., which he said is limited to the District of Columbia.

Bundy's declaration of sovereign citizenry is signed by his brother and fellow occupier, Ammon Bundy, as a witness. Both Bundys were leaders of the 41-day occupation of the wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon.

Self-declared "sovereign citizens" have a long, if unsuccessful, history of declaring themselves not subject to federal laws.

Bundy also told the court in the filings that any . He wrote that he should be paid $1 million to fill the "role" of defendant in the case.

Bundy muses in the filing that he is "willing to consider" playing the role of judge or bailiff in the case .

"I, ryan c, man, will charge $100,000,000.00 if any man or woman or PERSON places another order for to come before the court again regarding this matter," Bundy wrote.

Bundy additionally said the federal government tried to kill him when he was arrested Jan. 26 during a traffic stop, and he should be paid $800 million "to restore i to the wholeness i enjoyed prior to begin taken and carried away."

Judge Anna Brown quickly rejected the arguments Friday after reviewing the documents. She said that they did not raise "any legally cognizable issue," and she ordered him not to refile the motions or bring them up to a jury in the Sept. 7 trial.

Brown also reminded Bundy that she had ordered him before not to assert the court had no jurisdiction over the case.

"The Court, therefore, warns Ryan Bundy that any further indication that he will not follow the Court's Orders will result in Ryan Bundy forfeiting the right to self-representation," Brown wrote.

Bundy is scheduled to return to court next Wednesday for a status hearing.

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