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Just desserts? Eugene cookie store overloaded with orders, anti-maskers charged after scuffle

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Leaning tower of tollhouse cookies.
Christina Branco

Cookie sales are booming at a Eugene bakery harassed by anti-maskers this week.

Wednesday, Ricki Collin and Amy Hall, both of Portland, entered Crumb Together and confronted a female employee over their mask requirement. The pair got into a physical scuffle with the woman, who told them to leave repeatedly before pulling out a baseball bat. Eugene Police arrested Collin and Hall shortly afterwards, after the two showed officers video of the entire incident that they shot themselves.

Crumb Together has not responded to requests for comment. But on their Twitter account, they say they appreciate the “amazing support, compassion, love and understanding” since the confrontation. And they’ve received so many orders they’ve had to turn off their online store.

Meanwhile, Collin and Hall have been charged with third degree assault, and in Collin’s case, robbery for taking the employee’s bat.

A KEZI News report says the two have been engaged in anti-masking confrontations before that have led to police intervention, including an Oct. 15 incident at the Roseburg Public Library. Collin also has an open trespassing case in Washington County, with seven misdemeanors including trespassing with possession of a firearm.

Collin and Hall are due for a pre-trial conference early next month.

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