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A Piece Of My Mind: Clutter


I’m Claude Offenbacher, and this is a Piece of My Mind.

   Ah, the month of May!  Trail walks at Mt. Pisgah.  Blue herons on the Willamette... and spring cleaning.  Messy closets, a crammed garage. 
   These I tackle in relative good humor.  It’s the stuff I never wanted, never sought, that tests my patience.   It comes at me relentlessly:  by phone -- as solicitations from robo-calling salesmen;   in the mail --  weekly pleas for more from charities I give to once a year;  pharmacies peddling Viagra via  e-mail;  and door-to-door from folks offering magazines, cookies.... religion.
    If only I could leave it all behind.  With a crust of bread, chunk of cheese  and jug of wine, I’d climb  Mt. Hood.  I’d meditate in bliss.
   But that won’t happen.  Too much to do,  too much I want  to do.  Still,I ‘ll dream... Of a life free of debris, free of the uninvited clutter that imposes itself each day. 
  And that’s a piece of my mind.  Claude Offenbacher, KLCC news.

Claude Offenbacher was a reporter and host at KLCC from 1999-2012. He currently volunteers as front desk support and PSA writer.
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