Angela Kellner

All Things Considered Host/Reporter

Angela Kellner is the KLCC host of All Things Considered and a reporter. Angela began as a KLCC volunteer in 1991 when she was in high school. While a student at Lane Community College, she was hired in 1993 for a work-study position in the KLCC Music Department and has been with the station in some role since then. Angela hosted KLCC's world music program Tropical Beat  for 11 years from 1994 to 2005 and continues to fill in on a monthly basis.

Angela graduated from the University of Oregon in 2001 with honors and received a B.A. in Journalism and Communication Studies. She has earned numerous awards for her reporting, including First Place from PRNDI for her 2008 story Neighborhood Impact of Regional Medical Center. The Associated Press awarded Angela First Place for her 2009 story on the Achievement Gap in Oregon Schools as well as First Place for her 2010 feature Oregon Veterans: Help Wanted. In 2010, she partnered with NPR and was included in their series Living With War at Home.

Angela is the proud mother of a daughter and son.

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Chris Lehman / KLCC

The 2021 legislative session is winding down and gaining momentum as lawmakers jockey for funding priorities in their districts. And this week, legislators might expel one of their own members. We get an update from KLCC's Chris Lehman.

Mark Farley / OSU

As of today, roughly 66% of Oregonians 18 and older have had at least one dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. An expert at Oregon State University says that's not enough to help protect the less vulnerable, like children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Brett Tyler also says the virus is mutating and becoming more dangerous, particularly in the unvaccinated population. And, yes, that includes children under 12.


The Mehl Creek Fire, burning southwest of Elkton, is about 50 percent contained as of Wednesday morning.

KLCC archives

Former KLCC General Manager Jim Dunne has died. He was 96-years-old. 


His name was Chad Allen Frank. He was 30 years old. And he had no pre-existing health conditions.

The Lane County man died of COVID-19 at home on November 13th.

Giorgio Travatos, Mädi, Wikipedia Creative Commons License/fotografierende, Longmire,

Oregon voters have until Nov. 3rd to make up their minds on 4 statewide ballot measures. The issues are campaign finance limits, raising taxes on cigarettes and taxing vape products for the first time, allowing the therapeutic use of psilocybin and decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of drugs.

Andy Nelson / Register-Guard / pool

For people living in the vicinity of the Holiday Farm Fire, the past week has been filled with fear and anxiety as evacuation orders quickly ramped up or changed. And at one point there were concerns the fast-moving blaze could reach Springfield or even Eugene.

Anni Katz

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued air quality advisories for more areas Monday due to strong, gusty winds pushing wildfire smoke into the region.  And the Lane Regional Protection Agency says some areas may experience "Unhealthy" or "Very Unhealthy" air quality.


Update 10:15pm:

A new fire sparked by downed power lines Monday evening has prompted the following evacuation orders along OR HWY 126:

EVACUATION NOTICES IN EFFECT ALONG THE UPPER MCKENZIE DUE TO FIRE (9/7 @ 10:00pm) A LEVEL 3 (GO NOW) Evacuation Notice has been issued to residents of the Holiday Farm RV Park (54432 McKenzie Hwy, Blue River).

LEVEL 2 EVACUATION FOR MILL CREEK ROAD TO DEARBORN ISLAND and for MCKENZIE RIVER DRIVE TO MCKENZIE HIGHWAY: BE SET - PREPARE TO LEAVE AT A MOMENT'S NOTICE A temporary evacuation point is being established at McKenzie High School (51187 Blue River Dr, Vida)

Oregon State University

Oregon State University on Wednesday announced measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Oregon health officials announced Friday the state has its first presumed case of COVID-19, the Novel Coronavirus. And they don’t know how or where the patient contracted the virus.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Oregon’s commercial Dungeness crab season is set to open  December 31st.

Bend Fire Department

On Friday afternoon, the Bend Fire Department responded to a report of a car on fire which was parked in a residential driveway.

Milepost 97 Fire Facebook page

With hotter, drier weather arriving this weekend, fire crews in Douglas County are making progress on the Milepost 97 fire. The blaze is one mile south of Canyonville.

Douglas Forest Protective Association

A fire that broke out Wednesday night one mile southeast of Canyonville has grown to approximately 80 acres.

Karen Richards

Prescribed fire is one of the best tools to help prevent major blazes and help restore forest health. And many say we need more prescribed fire, not less. New smoke management rules in Oregon are aimed at changing that. KLCC's Angela Kellner spoke with OPB's Jes Burns about how the new rules are shifting the dynamic.

Eugene 4J

Eugene voters overwhelmingly approved the renewal of a levy to support the 4J school district.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

Five players from the Eugene area have qualified for the state pinball championship. And this is the first year Eugene is hosting the state pinball tourney.

African Children's Choir

The African Children's Choir, made up of Ugandan kids age 8-10, is performing across Oregon this month.

Tiffany Eckert

The three candidates running for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District faced off in a debate Friday at the City Club of Eugene.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

Property tax statements for Lane County homeowners are being mailed out this week. But several lawmakers warn the Trump tax plan will negatively impact Oregonians.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

The University of Oregon broke ground Friday on a new Black Cultural Center. It’s the result of protests by black students on campus three years ago.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

Three years after a fire destroyed the wooden grandstand at Eugene’s Civic Stadium, a new recreation facility is rising from the ashes.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

All 241 of Oregon's incorporated citites, both urban and rural, are members of the organization.

The City of Eugene and Lane Transit District are asking for feedback on how to improve safety and connectivity on five of the most traveled roads in the area.

Angela Kellner / KLCC

Disaster can strike at any time…and how you fare could all come down to how prepared you are. The City of Eugene Wednesday hosted an emergency preparedness fair in downtown Eugene.

Springfield Library

The normally quiet Springfield library is humming with a loud noise right now. It’s the sound of fans being used to dry out the soggy carpet.

Tiffany Eckert

The Terwilliger Fire in the Willamette National Forest is more than 1,200 acres and only one-percent contained. It’s burning near Blue River on both sides of Cougar Reservoir.

Walking the dusty paths at the Oregon Country Fair is guaranteed to get you more than a little dirty. Thankfully there's a place to wash off all that grime.