• All Things Considered Host/Reporter

    Angela Kellner is the KLCC host of All Things Considered and a reporter. Angela began as a KLCC volunteer in 1991 when she was in high school. While a student at Lane Community...

  • Morning Edition Host / Reporter

    Born and raised in Eugene, Anni started at KLCC in 2000 as a reporter and co-host of Northwest Passage. After graduating from the University of Oregon, Anni moved to New York City. She worked in education for several years before returning to...

  • Ahora Si! Host

    Armando Morales is the founding father of Ahora Si!.  He shares hosting duties with Jill Torres, Herman Hope, and Carolina Arrendondo Sanchez Lira.

  • Substitute Host of Weekend Edition

    Barbara Dellenback, former KLCC announcer and more recently the Morning Edition host at Jefferson Public Radio, returned to KLCC in December 2017 as a substitute host for Weekend Edition

  • Blues Power Host

    Carl Stolz has been hosting Blues Power since 2000.

  • Soul of Jazz Host

    Carl Woideck has been a volunteer host at KLCC since 1975.  He's been hosting The Soul of Jazz since 1994.

  • Ahora Si! Host

    Carolina Arredondo Sanchez Lira began hosting Ahora Si! in 2012.  She co-hosts the youth music segment, and  shares hosting duties with Armando Morales, Jill Torres and Herman Hope.

  • New Dreamers Host

    Chris Owen has been host of New Dreamers since 1994.

  • Heartwood Hotel Host

    Cina has been host of Heartwood Hotel since 1988.

  • Front Porch Host

    Dan Plaster has been a volunteer at KLCC since 1990.  He started with a shift as an All Things Considered board operator and then paid his dues with 10 years of fill in hosting for a variety of music programs.   It was on The Back Porch, with...

  • Night Jazz Thursday Host

    David Gizara has been host of Night Jazz since 2001.

  • Dead Air Host

    Back in the day, and many hundreds of concerts ago, Deb was living in New York City. She brought a broken transistor radio into a repair shop one day and met a kind and interesting stranger. He was Augustus Owsley Stanley III, the Bear. At that...

  • Ahora Si! Host

    Herman Hope is a long time host of Ahora Si!, bringing his amazing music to the show every two weeks.  He shares hosting duties with Armando Morales, Jill Torres and Carolina Arredondo Sanchez...

  • JazzSunday Host

    Jeffrey Ogburn, host of JazzSunday, has been a volunteer jazz host at KLCC since 1975! 

  • Ahora Si! Host

    Jill (Evita) Torres joined Ahora Si! in 2004.  She shares hosting duties with armando Morales, Herman Hope, and Carolina Arredondo Sanchez Lira.

  • Tropical Beat Host

    Karina began hosting Tropical Beat on March 16, 2018.  She currently hosts the show three weeks a month, with various hosts filling in the fourth week. 

  • Mist Covered Mountain Host

    Colorado native KJ loves all kinds of music, even embarrassing 80s hair metal, emo, and banjo, but especially the bagpipes. KJ has been hosting Mist Covered Mountain...

  • Friends & Neighbors Host

    Kobi Lucas has been host of Friends & Neighbors since 1992.

  • Substitute Jazz Host

    Larry Koenigsberg began volunteering at KLCC as a Morning Classics host in 1983.  That show was replaced by NPR's Morning Edition in 1984.  Larry later returned to KLCC as a substitute jazz host and eventually became the host of Night Jazz.  He...

  • Straight Street Host

    Lauren began hosting Straight Street in May 2017.

  • Morning Edition Host / Weekend Edition Host

    Love Cross joined KLCC in 2017. Previously, she served as Morning Edition Host for Boise State Public Radio. She earned her undergraduate degree in Rhetoric and Communication from University of California at Davis, and her Master’s Degree from...

  • Jazz Inside Out Host

    Jazz Inside Out with Naamon features a diverse range of jazz fusion, mixing international beats, soulful songs, and national jazz treasures.

    Naamon Dishmon began hosting Night Jazz in 2012.  He transitioned to Jazz Inside Out in 2017.

  • Radio Americana Host

    Host of Radio Americana as of September 2015.

    Learn all about Nanci and Radio Americana in this excellent 2018 interview from The Journal of Roots Music: 

  • Back Porch Host

    Pete is a folk revival junkie and lover of home-made music from all cultures.  He has been hosting The Back Porch since 1987.

  • Interim Program Director

    Rachael McDonald is interim Program Director at KLCC. She’s been with the station for more than 10 years. Previously, she established the Richland, Washington bureau for the Northwest News Network. She also worked as News Director at KAZU in...

  • Viz City Host

    Co-host of Viz City with Terry Way.

  • Eye 5 Host

    Host of Eye 5 since April 2015. 
    Former host of Radio Americana.

  • Viz City Host

    Terry Way has been hosting Viz City, KLCC's visual arts review program, since 2000.  Terry hosts the show with Sandy Brown...