Nathan Bouquet


Nathan is a graduate from the University of Oregon and an intern at KLCC's newsroom as a part of the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism. 

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Department of Environmental Quality

Fires continue to burn across Northern California and Oregon, sending smoke and other pollutants skyward. An air quality advisory has been placed on eight southern and central Oregon counties as a result.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


A Lane County Public Health official, Jason Davis, said the daily rate of COVID-19 cases and rate of infection are still trending downward. And Davis said they want those to keep going down, especially as college students return to the area for fall term. 

While many businesses closed their doors at the start of the pandemic, Eugene's Greenhill Humane Society has managed to stay open. They've seen nearly the same number of pet adoptions as in previous years.

Midcoast Watersheds Council

Last week, an environmental organization finished a wetlands restoration project near the coast. The 55-acre project began in early July and built upon previous restoration work on the Yaquina River.

Nathan Bouquet

Eugene is well known for its bicycle culture and many enthusiasts. Since the pandemic, more and more local residents are taking up biking as a means of transportation and recreation.

Brian Bull

The Oregon House Speaker and Senate President explained how the Emergency Relief Check program was developed in a press conference Friday.

The Eugene 4J School District is offering three options for students in the fall in compliance with state education and health requirements. The board met Wednesday night to develop a plan for the upcoming school year.

At the Eugene 4J School Board meeting Wednesday night, a framework was presented for the board to review student safety in the district. This follows a resolution passed in late June to reform policies which are seen to institutionalize racism in schools.

Cascadia Wildlands

A conservation group is taking legal action against the Bureau of Land Management for its proposed logging in Thurston Hills near Springfield.

U.S. Forest Service

A fire estimated at ten acres large is currently burning north of Detroit. The U.S. Forest Service categorized it as a Type 3 Fire, and assigned a management team and hotshot firefighters to the blaze.

Nathan Bouquet

The Eugene-Springfield NAACP branch unveiled two community support projects at Our Reedemer Lutheran Church Monday morning.

Lane County

The Lane County Equity and Access advisory board hosted an online public forum for community members to talk about mental health on Tuesday.

Brian Bull / KLCC

The legislature approved $7.5 million to fund Oregon’s ShakeAlert system during their one-day special session Monday. The earthquake early warning system could give people precious seconds to escape an earthquake.

Emerald Media Group

The University of Oregon’s Emerald Media Group started a GoFundMe to repair two of its newspaper delivery bicycles which had been stolen.

Corvallis School District

The Corvallis School Board voted 6 to 1 Thursday to remove three elementary school names from the district.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport will be re-opening its outdoor exhibits to the public on Monday. New policies will help maintain social distancing between visitors, as Lincoln County is still in phase one.

Russ McMillan // Deschutes Land Trust

The Deschutes Land Trust announced it purchased 1,123 acres of land along Whychus Creek near Sisters on Thursday.

HIV Alliance

The HIV Alliance launched a “no-contact” STI testing program Monday in Roseburg as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. The organization’s goal is to continue providing sexual health services while protecting its clients and staff.

Nathan Bouquet

A group by the name ADOS, or American Descendants of Slavery, held a rally at the Federal Courthouse in Eugene Monday evening.

Nathan Bouquet

To help its customers who are behind on utility payments due to the pandemic, the Eugene Water and Electric Board is doubling the amount of funding available in August for its bill repayment programs.

Nathan Bouquet

A recently-formed non-profit in Eugene aims to inspire community change, through equal opportunity and awareness of police brutality.

Nathan Bouquet

Civil rights protest groups continue to challenge and lead their communities to reform two months after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. On Thursday, a group protested outside Sundance Natural Foods claiming it had wrongfully terminated an employee based on race. Some protestors in Eugene have resorted to unorthodox tactics to force change.

Henry Houston

A Eugene journalist is suing police for hitting him with tear gas and other non-lethal crowd control devices at a protest in late May. The suit also names the City of Eugene and some of its leaders.

Douglas Forest Protective Association

This past week, the Douglas Forest Protective Association fought ten wildfires ranging from one to 25 acres. This shortly follows Douglas County’s raised fire danger level for both the public and industrial workers.

Nathan Bouquet

A Eugene protest Saturday saw upwards of 300 participants and attracted the attention of counter protestors and the Eugene police.

Matthew Turnquist

Governor Kate Brown has placed new restrictions on gyms and fitness centers effective Friday. Masks are required to be worn at all times, even during exercise that is deemed “strenuous.”

Nathan Bouquet

Several inmates at the Lane County Jail are into their fifth week of hunger striking. They want better preventative measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, and the release of pre-trial and medically vulnerable detainees.

City of Eugene

Eugene’s City Council held a work session on Monday night to discuss 21st Century Policing principles and the Community Safety Initiative funding with Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner.

Bureau of Land Management

After two months of deliberation, the Bureau of Land Management decided to move forward with its Thurston Hills regenerative harvest plan.

DCI Engineers

Last week, the City of Springfield agreed to settle the case of Stacy Kenny’s March 2019 death at the hands of Springfield Police.