10th Graders Aid in Rollout for New Holocaust Curriculum

Oct 23, 2019

Amit Kobrowski from the Oregon Department of Education listens to the presentations of Sudi Croswell and Isabela Barajas.
Credit Elizabeth Gabriel / KLCC News

In July, Oregon passed Senate Bill 664 requiring Holocaust and genocide education to be taught starting next school year. Now, one Eugene high school is making sure students get to voice when and how they think students should learn about these issues.

About 250 10th grade global studies students at North Eugene High School presented projects on genocide to school board members and educators.

One of the global studies teachers, Rich Diaz, says it’s ultimately up to teachers and school districts to decide when subjects are taught. But he says it’s import to listen to the needs of students. 

“I think it’s also good for students to begin to realize, from their own experiences, when they feel that you can begin to cover certain themes that they feel are appropriate for their age,” said Diaz.

Global studies teacher Eric Suchman thinks expanding the curriculum will shift the narrative from a white male point of view to a more global perspective.