4J Moves Ahead With Local Option Levy Renewal, Roosevelt Middle Land Sale Process

Mar 19, 2014

Residents of the Eugene 4J School District will decide this November whether to continue tax support for local schools.  Wednesday night, the School Board voted to put a local option levy on the ballot that would fund the district to the tune of $8 million per year.

Roosevelt Middle School site in South Eugene may be the future home of the YMCA.
Credit Eugene 4J


Board member Jim Torrey said the district was already stretched, and losing the funds would have major consequences.

Torrey:  “It’s really important that we continue to reach out to the community and explain the impact of what $8 million means.  If voters said no to the, the impact could be 16 days of school or a dramatic increase in the size of the class.”

The 4J Board also started a process that could lead to the sale of part of the Roosevelt Middle School site to the YMCA.

South Eugene’s Roosevelt Middle is slated to be replaced in the next few years.  The plan is to build a new school on the opposite end of the grounds and then tear down the old building.  This would make room for the YMCA to build a new facility. 

After several years of trying, the “Y” lost in its bid to buy the Civic Stadium properties from the district. YMCA Director Dave Perez said while studying Civic, they also looked at the feasibility of the Roosevelt site, and found it a good fit.

Perez: “Our board today to move forward on this if you’re willing.  We thing the idea of a collaboration, of a co-location, this kind of partnership really kind of supplements, supports not only what the schools are doing, but what the community needs.”       

If the District moves to sell the property to the YMCA, they would likely sacrifice room for two playing fields.  4J will also have to work around an area of high-priority wetlands during the planning process, unless it can get the designation changed by the City. 

A decision whether to sell the property is expected by May 20th.  Public comment and information sessions are scheduled in the coming weeks.  

For information on public meetings, click here.