4J Wants Journalists Out Of Internal Labor Discussions

Feb 18, 2014

The Eugene 4J School Board is expected to vote Wednesday to exclude media from its executive sessions on labor negotiations. 

Past practice has permitted media members to attend meetings at which the 4J board planned its negotiations positions and strategy.

Credit Eugene School District 4J

The decision to meet privately in the future was initially made in closed session.  The Register-Guard, citing the State's public meetings law, informed 4J their decision must be arrived at openly.  The District will now therefore review the matter at its regular meeting.

Spokespersons for the Bethel and Springfield school districts say this issue has never come before them. The media have never requested attendance at their board negotiations planning sessions.

4J relieved staff members of negotiations last month and hired a Salem law firm to bargain this year on its behalf. The firm, Garrett Hemann Robertson, handled bargaining for the Medford schools, whose teachers have been on strike.