56 Coronavirus Outbreaks Have Occurred In Lane Co. Thus Far

Oct 13, 2020

Lane County Public Health has added a new reporting function to better describe COVID-19 outbreaks in communities.

Three Eugene sites which have seen COVID-19 outbreaks include Evergreen Memory Care, University of Oregon and Senaca Sawmill. Public Health reports Lane Co. has seen 56 unique outbreaks since the pandemic started and more are feared.
Credit Evergreen Memory Care, CDC, Rachael McDonald, Senaca Sawmill

Health officials say there have been a total of 56 outbreaks in the county since the start of the pandemic. And that number is bound to increase. They report nearly 28% of all the outbreaks have been in workplaces. Right behind at 26.3% - is college-aged students at the University of Oregon. And long term, senior care facilities comprise almost 21% of all the known outbreaks countywide.

Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis says the median age of people infected in these clusters is decreasing. Right now, it’s 31 years old.

“We are also seeing an increase in outbreaks associated with day cares and childcare facilities. So those are also skewing the overall age.”

Davis says 401 cases and 17 deaths can be attributed to SARS-COV-2 outbreaks or case clusters throughout Lane County.

Lane County Public Health provides live, remote briefings every Tuesday and Thursday on COVID-19 cases numbers, trends and guidance.
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On Tuesday, Public Health announced there are 29 new cases and 210 individuals currently considered infectious.  

Lane County Public Health spokesperson Jason Davis explains a new reporting function regarding COVID-19 outbreaks and case clusters.
Credit Lane County Public Health video