70,000 Oregonians Enrolled in Expanded State Medicaid Program

Nov 18, 2013

Cover Oregon Executive Director Rocky King goes before lawmakers this week to explain why the website still isn't fully functional and the state still has not enrolled a single person in coverage under the federal Affordable Care Act.

Credit Cover Oregon

Cover Oregon's Chief Communications Officer Amy Fauver  says there have been successes with the state's Medicaid enrollment-- The Oregon Health Plan. She spoke in a conference call with reporters Monday.

Fauver: "Despite the challenges that our online system has had enrolling people through coveroregon.com, we have been incredibly successful in enrolling people who are newly eligible for Medicaid under the expansion. And so far, we have signed up more than 70,000 adults through this enrollment process."

Cover Oregon worked with the Oregon health Authority to reach out to the more than 260,000 residents who now quality for OHP under the expansion.  
This Thursday, Cover Oregon is holding an application fair for people interested in medical coverage at the Lane Events Center in Eugene starting at noon.