Accident Closes Willamette Street & Causes Nearby Power Outage

Oct 21, 2019

Note: This story will be updated as new developments occur. 

Monday evening, the Eugene Police Department and EWEB responded to a vehicle crash on Willamette Street and 29th Avenue.  The EPD closed off a portion of Willamette Street where the incident occured while the area was cleared, and through the night utility crews worked to restore power for roughly 700 residents.

Witnesses at the scene told KLCC that the driver hit a curb and continued down the street where she hit a utility pole. The pole snapped in half and the vehicle rolled over, trailing debris until it came to stop, resting on its roof.

Sabrina Rhoades said she was working nearby when she heard a boom, and ran outside.  Rhoades was among the first to check on the driver.

“I’m First Aid Certified, so I made sure that her neck was supported and there was no major injuries, or fire to remove her from the vehicle and kind of made sure no one else moved her ‘til EMS arrived,” Rhoades said.

The upended vehicle as of 4:45pm Monday afternoon.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Rhoades said the sole driver was responsive and conscious when first responders arrived. The cause of the crash remains unknown and local residents near the accident site experienced power outages.  No reports of further injury have followed the incident.

An EWEB map shows that power has since been restored.

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