Across U.S., Press Takes On White House's Attacks On Media

Aug 16, 2018

Today at least 350 newspapers and assorted media groups – including some in Oregon - are speaking out against President Trump’s routine attacks on the press. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Donald Trump, at a 2015 stop in New Hampshire.
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Since the campaign trail, Trump has accused journalists of pushing agendas, or peddling “fake news”. Hundreds of editorials are now pushing back, especially on the White House’s characterization of reporters as quote - “the enemy of the people.”

Damian Radcliffe is a journalism professor with the University of Oregon.  He says this response is unprecedented, but given the constant nature of Trump’s attacks, the response by newsrooms will also need to be frequent.

“Not just kinda once a year or one particular day, but we need to reaffirm those principles on a regular basis. The role that journalism plays in holding authority to account, and informing communities, and that philosophical approach needs to be supported day-in, day-out, by high-quality journalism and reporting.”

The Register-Guard, Oregonian, Cannon Beach Gazette, and Eugene Weekly have published free press editorials.

Trump is calling the effort “collusion”, a term used by investigators probing his administration’s ties to Russia.

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