Advocates Kickoff Eugene 4J Levy Campaign

Sep 15, 2014

Advocates say Eugene 4j students depend on a local option levy to fully fund their education. The Yes for 4J Schools Levy Campaign kickoff was Monday at Sheldon High School.

4j Levy supporters gather Monday at Sheldon High School in Eugene.
Credit Rachael McDonald

This is the 4th time 4j is asking voters to renew a 5-year levy that generates 8 million dollars annually. Jennifer Winters is a parent and campaign chair. She says with the state investing less in education, the levy is a way local residents can make a difference.

Winters: "This is something our community can do ourselves today. We don't have to depend on the legislature or lobbyists. We can go and vote and we can ensure that our kids get a better education."

Sheldon High School senior Savannah Davis has already coped with increasing class sizes. She says she thinks there would be less Advanced Placement without the levy funding.

Davis: "I know that we would have less AP classes because a lot more students wouldn’t even be prepared to take and AP class. Students would have a lot more free periods again because classes would be full."

Ballot measure 20-222 renews a property tax levy that adds a dollar fifty to every one thousand dollars assessed value.

After the 4j School board voted to sell Civic Stadium to the City of Eugene, some people said they would not support the district in its next levy campaign.