Advocates Put Pressure on UO President To Act Against Sexual Violence On Campus

May 12, 2014

The UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence held a rally on campus last week to protest how school dealt with recent sexual assault case.
Credit Rachael McDonald

The UO Coalition to End Sexual Violence is continuing to put pressure on University of Oregon president Michael Gottfredson. The group wants him to apologize to the campus community for how the administration dealt with a recent alleged sexual assault.

Jennifer Freyd is a professor of psychology at the U of O.  She says the Coalition has been concerned about sexual violence on campus for a long time. The news of an alleged rape of a female student by three U of O Basketball players draws attention to the issues and also causes alarm.

Freyd: "And what I am asking for is that all or at least some administrators display institutional courage and come entirely clean, become completely open and accountable, allocate resources to prevent this problem and then we can move forward, then we can heal."

Freyd says the coalition wants Gottfredson to hold a press conference Thursday at noon to apologize for how the school dealt with the recent case. She'd like him to outline measures the University is taking to prevent sexual violence, and to sign the academic freedom policy.