Aerial Spray Ban Passes By 61 Votes In Lincoln County

May 31, 2017

A ballot measure that bans the aerial spraying of pesticides in Lincoln County has passed by a margin of 61 votes. Supporters say theirs is the first county in the U.S. to enact such a ban by a vote of the people.

Credit Rachael McDonald

The Lincoln County Clerk released the final unofficial results of the May 16th election Tuesday. Rio Davidson is with Citizens for A Healthy County which supported the measure. He says opponents, including logging industry groups, spent a lot of money to fight it. Davidson says he’s grateful to voters for…

“Looking at the issues and saying, aerial pesticide spraying is dangerous enough that it needs to be banned now." Davidson says,  "And, sure, there were some questions that will need to be answered and I really hope that the politicians in our county will stand with the people and support us now that we made our voices heard.”

Opponents of the aerial spray ban may request a recount and are likely to challenge it in court.
This measure comes out of the citizens’ rights movement. There is another aerial spray ban that’s likely to go on the November ballot in Lane County.