After Whistleblower Complaint, V.A. Will Investigate Eugene and Roseburg Facilities

Oct 27, 2017

Investigators from Veterans Affairs in Washington D.C. will be in Oregon next week to visit the Eugene and Roseburg V.A. healthcare facilities.

VA clinic in Eugene.
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

The investigation comes after a whistleblower gave a tip about clinic mismanagement to Oregon’s U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio. DeFazio spoke about the issues in a recent floor speech.
“This shouldn’t happen. And since this has come out I’ve had dozens of calls from nurses and doctors and other workers in the V.A. system in my region,” he said.
V.A. investigators will be interviewing hospital staff. A spokeswoman for DeFazio says the conversations will be confidential. If people are not comfortable with talking in person, they can contact Congressman DeFazio’s district office, 541-465-6732.