Agreement Gives Library Building To City of Roseburg

Dec 27, 2017

The Douglas County Library in Roseburg has been closed since June first. But an agreement between the city and county is expected to help restore library services in Roseburg.

Credit Rachael McDonald

Douglas County Commissioners voted this week to approve an inter-governmental agreement with the city. The County is transferring ownership of the library building and its contents to Roseburg at no cost. Under the agreement, the city will provide library services. Douglas County Commissioner Gary Leif says the 11-library system was shut down earlier this year because the county can’t afford to operate it.
 “Right now, we are basically spending about $15 million a year out of our reserves just to keep the county operating. So, any dollars that we spend towards the library or other services that aren’t statutorily required are moneys we don’t have.”
The City of Roseburg plans to remodel the library building to accommodate the Education Service District and plans to partner with Douglas Communities Library Association. Of the 11 Douglas County libraries that closed earlier this year, 9 have re-opened as volunteer-run facilities.