Allergy Sufferer In The Willamette Valley? You're Not In A Good Place.

Jun 4, 2018

For those of you suffering from runny, itchy noses and watery eyes in the Willamette Valley, relief is coming...though probably not soon enough. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, allergy season is underway in one of the worst spots in the world.

A foggy morning over a vast Willamette Valley grassland, and allergy sufferer.
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Grass pollen counts have been off the charts since late May. A major factor is that the Willamette Valley is home to the Grass Seed Capitol of the World. Yes, you heard that right.

Melanie Wayne of Oregon Allergy Associates says they measure pollen in parts per million, and so far have recorded some rather high numbers.

“Right over Memorial Day, May 28th – 29th, was our highest count at 667.  It’s off the charts because about 20 is considered ‘high’. Over 200 is considered ‘very high’.”

Puffy eyes, red, itchy nose, sinal pressure...yep, it's grass pollen time.
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Antihistamines and injections can alleviate allergy symptoms, though it’s recommended meds begin weeks, even months ahead of grass pollen season. Regardless, there’s relief ahead.

“Grass pollen counts come way down by July 4th, and people are much more comfortable and usually stop their medication regimen.”

Wayne adds it’s good to shower at night so not to take pollen to bed with you. 

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