Amazon Helps Keep Local Postal Service Strong

Jan 6, 2020

Credit Karen Richards

Over the holidays, U.S. Postal Service trucks were out in the Eugene area during pre-dawn and weekend hours. The extra work was seasonal, but also due to online purchases. Amazon could change the delivery scene. 

A few years ago, the Gateway postal center in Springfield was scheduled to be closed. Around the same time, consumers started to have more things delivered to their doors. Ernie Swanson is with the U.S. Postal Service. He says Amazon has kept local staff busy:

Swanson: “They’ve been tendering packages to the postal service for delivery for a couple of years now, particularly on Sundays.”


He says one concern is whether Amazon starts delivering more of its own goods in Lane County, rather than using the Postal Service:


Swanson: “I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t start, now that we’re into a new year and the holiday mailing season is behind us. They may gear up for that soon.”


Swanson says for now, the Gateway facility is well utilized, and local employment remains steady.