Annual SLUG Queen Coronation To Be Streamed This Year

Aug 12, 2020


Jeanette Kime, also known as SluGoddess Slime Shine, is the reigning SLUG Queen. In light of the pandemic, this year's SLUG Queen contest will be streamed online.
Credit Zoom

The 38th annual Slug Queen Eugene competition and coronation is going virtual this year. Organizers say they plan to bring the same level of energy and quirkiness online as they would have in-person.

Current SlugQueen, and last year’s winner, Jenette Kime who goes by SluGoddess Slime Shine said the event will bring much needed lightheartedness. 

“You know we’re all so busy in our regular lives, even before COVID, I think it really is a way to bring the community together,” said Kime.


In response to coronavirus concerns, event organizers decided to host the event on Facebook. Three contestants are in the running for the crown this year.


"There's a lot of question of 'well who's going to be the queen,'" said Kime. "Who are these three wannabe queens and what would their reign look like coming into a pandemic?"


About her reign, Kime said she enjoyed attending events in Eugene before the pandemic and building relationships with different groups.


"There's so much that happens in this community, there's so much that we can participate in or be involved in or support...I think that has been a great opportunity for me [to learn about]," Kime said.


This year's winner will be announced during the coronation on Friday. The event starts at 6 p.m. and can be found on the SLUG Queen Facebook page.



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