Arsons Reported At Two Eugene Middle Schools

Apr 14, 2014

Emergency crews in Eugene responded to two arsons at schools in the past 48-hours.  Eugene police say the fires were started by teenagers and did not cause any injuries.  

Credit 4J School District

The first happened at Kennedy Middle School on Sunday afternoon.  Three teens managed to gain access to the roof of the building, where they lit pine needles on fire.  According to police, the fire grew and the youth pushed the burning needles off the side of the building.  But instead of going out, the fire spread to the groundcover below.  Police say the fire burned part of a tree and caused damaged to the side of the school.  

The second incident happened on Monday afternoon at Meadowview Middle School in Bethel.  A 14-year-old lit a trashcan on fire in a bathroom.  As police arrived, he attempted to flee on foot.  Officers were able to take the young man into custody a few blocks from the school.

Police say the incidents were not related.  They have not released names because the four are juveniles.  All have been charged with Arson in the First Degree.