Art Exhibit Reinstalled At Eugene Airport Without Garrison Keillor

Nov 30, 2017

An art exhibit called “Flight Patterns” is being re-installed this week at the Eugene Airport. A photo of the public radio personality Garrison Keillor will not be part of it after he was fired Wednesday for alleged inappropriate behavior.

Flying People get reinstalled at Eugene Airport Thursday.
Credit Casey Boatman, Eugene Airport

The popular art piece created in 1989 by Eugene artist David Joyce, shows almost life-sized black & white photos of people, most of them locals, in what looks like mid-flight. Garrison Keillor happened to be in town when Joyce was working on the project and is one of the only non-local, famous people in the collection. Casey Boatman is spokesman for the Eugene Airport.

“It was perfect timing as far as reconfiguring the display. And it just made sense to pull it because 30 of the pieces were already designated to not go back up so we had some to choose from.”

The 176 photo exhibit was removed from the airport a little over a year ago for a remodeling and expansion project. The Flying People will now be displayed on both sides of airport security.