Artist Combines Love Of Animals & Environment With Art

Jun 14, 2019

Credit Photo courtesy of Naeemeh Naeemei

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is opening a new exhibit this weekend featuring an Iranian woman who does environmental advocacy through art. 

WEB EXTRA: An extended interview with Naeemeh Naeemei is available at the end of story.

In Naeemeh Naeemei’s acrylic painting called “Horseshoe Bat,” two toddlers, Naeemei and her cousin, are sitting against a black background playing with 2 pink toy telephones. And to the left of them five bats hang upside down with phones of their own.

Naeemeh Naeemei's acrylic painting titled "Horseshoe Bat."
Credit Naeemeh Naeemei

NAEEMEI:“It’s is a little funny in this painting because all bats put  their hands on their faces and are sleeping and it seems that they don’t want to talk, or they don’t want to hear. And there is only one bat which is trying to talk to talk, or trying to hear.”

The bats in the painting are one of Iran’s endangered species.

NAEEMEI:“I wanted to talk to my people to be aware of what a treasure these animals and species are.”

Naeemaei says she wants people who see her art to think about their connection to the environment and how to protect it. Her work will be displayed at the JSMA until the end of the year.