Arts Advocate And Multilingual Volunteer Running For 4-J Board

Mar 13, 2017

A school volunteer, jewelry artist, and mother of three is running for the Eugene 4J School District board.

4-J school board candidate, Maya Rabasa.
Credit Terri Farina

Maya Rabasa says she’s a multilingual, multicultural immigrant from Mexico, who’s done interpretation for Spanish families and backed arts education. 

Rabasa says she’s troubled by what the Trump Administration could do to education, as well as budget issues facing schools. 

“And we’ve suffered recently the loss of Measure 97, which would’ve helped tremendously," she tells KLCC.

"And I think that we have to focus on those state measures and state sources to supplement, regardless of what happens on a federal level.” 

Measure 97 would’ve taxed corporations with annual sales exceeding $25 million, with the money benefiting public schools.

Rabasa is running for position Number 2 on the board.  She’ll be running against incumbent Anne Marie Levis.