Atop Spencer Butte Under a Blanket of Snow

Feb 25, 2019

Across the region, residents are digging out - while drivers are largely spinning out - in the heavy wet snow that fell Monday morning. 

KLCC's Brian Bull took a walk in South Eugene and shares his observations.

I’m here probably at the two-thirds point up Spencer Butte, I’m looking at a house that’s been struck in the corner by a collapsed tree. There  are a number more here as you try to go further up Willamette Street. I see easily three, four, maybe even five downed trees. It looks like crews have already been at them, cutting them up into smaller pieces so they could be towed away.  But a lot of the area up here on the butte is just under thick heavy snow.


A lot of cars are bound in, snow about a foot,  a foot-and-a-half piled high on top of them. And I’m seeing a few people straggling about with their snow shovels...(SOUND OF SUV)...watching a car come by me right now, an SUV minding the snow okay, it appears to have the right treads, heavy chains.  Now they’re encountering the logs. 




For a lot of people, there is some respite in that there’s not expected to be any more heavy snow buildup.  Although tonight will be challenging, as temperatures near the 20s, especially for those residents who lack power still.