Bears Spotted On Far Edge Of Lane Community College Campus

May 24, 2019

Recent footage of a mother black bear and her cub captured on a webcam near Lane Community College in South Eugene has spurred both wonder and caution. 

In an image captured by a webcam in the Marston Forest, a mother bear and her cub are seen climbing a tree in the early hours of May 20th, 2019.
Credit Lane Community College

In the early hours of Monday, May 20th, the two animals crossed before the camera, which a zoology research group had set-up on the far south end of the Marston Forest.  The bear mom and her cub climb a tree with their strong claws and limbs.

A red marker signifies where the webcam is positioned, that captured the bears' activity. It's on the far southeast end of the Lane Community College campus.
Credit Lane Community College

Brian Wolfer is manager of the South Willamette Watershed District.  He says should anyone encounter a bear, to avoid panicking or being confrontational. 

“If you have a dog, keep that dog leashed," advises Wolfer.  "Because one of the biggest issues could be if a dog goes and chases a bear, or chases bear cubs and encounters the mother, and gets in a fight and then brings that bear back to the dog owner, that can create some problems.”

People are also advised not to handle or harass a bear cub, as a very protective mother is likely nearby.  And to limit access to food sources, such as garbage or compost.

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