Bells, Bells, And More Bells! New Musical Work Comes To Eugene

Apr 16, 2018

A new musical work of contemporary percussion rendered with 300 bells and similar instruments makes its West Coast debut in Eugene, Thursday night. KLCC’S Brian Bull previews the performance.

Augusta Read Thomas, composer of "Resounding Earth", and now "Sonorous Earth".

“Sonorous Earth” is based on a previous work by composer Augusta Read Thomas called “Resounding Earth”…which premiered six years ago.  The Grammy-winning Third Coast Percussion played it at the University of Notre Dame.

The four members of Third Coast Percussion.

The Eugene Symphony commissioned “Sonorous Earth,” which Thomas also arranged for the group. It’ll use bells from many different cultures from across the world.

“I have absolutely loved bells for my entire life," Thomas tells KLCC.  "I just wanted to write a piece for nothing for bells. I know it sounds absolutely crazy. But it’s just such an interesting sound world and a spiritual world.”

The piece had its Midwest Premiere in Chicago last fall. The Eugene Symphony’s Francesco Lecce-Chong will conduct this performance.

Some of the bells, as well as Augusta Read Thomas and Third Coast Percussion, will be at a special event Wednesday (4/18) at 3pm, at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

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Listen to an extended interview between composer Augusta Read Thomas and KLCC's Brian Bull about her latest work, "Sonorous Earth", her lifelong love of bells, and what it took to round up the hundreds of instruments.

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