Benton County Declares State Of Emergency

Apr 11, 2019

Following heavy floods, Benton County declared a state of emergency Thursday. This allows the county to be reimbursed from the state for the extra personnel hours and infrastructure damage.

Flooding in Benton County has blocked several roads, including OR 34. Several water rescues have also taken place with the high water levels.
Credit Benton County

This includes time already spent on swift water rescues and keeping the public informed. It also includes the hours it will take to assess and repair damages when the flood waters recede.

In the meantime, Lili’a Neville with Benton County urges people to use caution and stay out of flood waters.

The signed declaration of emergency for Benton County.
Credit Benton County

“There are lots of things under water that you would normally not want in your water that you recreate in. So, please stay out of the water. It’s very dangerous not only from traditional safety concerns, but absolutely from a health perspective.”

Officials hope rain forecast for the region will not increase water levels. They also anticipate OR 34 to open Monday. Up to date information can be found on the county’s website.