Bethel School Board Vice Chair Faces Contested Election

May 7, 2021

Bethel School Board in Eugene has four positions up for election on the May 18th ballot. One of which is contested.

Credit Karen Richards



The three candidates running uncontested are Paul Jorgensen, Debi Farr and Ashley Espinoza. 

This is Espinoza’s first time running for election. She was appointed to her position in January after Dawnja Johnson stepped down. 

Jorgensen and Farr have held their positions since 1988 and 2008.

Incumbent Alan Laisure is being challenged by Caleb Clark. Laisure is the current Vice Chair and has held his seat since 2001. Clark is currently PTO Secretary at Spring Creek Elementary School, works in construction and is a stay-at-home dad

The deadline to turn in ballots is May 18th.