Big Penalties For Oregon Pesticide Sprayer That Ignored License Suspension

Nov 5, 2015

An Oregon company that sprayed pesticides with a suspended license now faces 180 thousand dollars in fines and a five-year license suspension. It’s the largest penalty for an aerial pesticide sprayer in Oregon.

This photograph of a helicopter spraying herbicides is among hundreds whistleblower Darryl Ivy released after a month working for Applebee Aviation driving trucks and handling pesticides on Seneca Jones Timber Company sites.
Credit Darryl Ivy

The penalties keep coming for Applebee Aviation.

The helicopter company based in Banks, Oregon, was fined nearly 10 thousand dollars and had its license suspended in September. Multiple agencies investigated a worker complaint about chemical exposure. They found numerous violations.

Now, the Oregon Department of Agriculture has found the company applied pesticides 16 different times while its license was suspended.

Those included jobs on federal land and for the Oregon Department of Forestry.

That’s the agency that regulates state forest practices. It’s also a partner agency in spraying investigations, like the one that resulted in Applebee’s license suspension.

Applebee did not respond to requests for comment. The company has the right to appeal the enforcement actions.

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