Blood Drive Organizers Say Nut To Delay...Donate Now!

Nov 5, 2020

Reports of a six-and-a-half ton peanut rolling through Eugene have proven true. No, it’s not a new ridesharing company called “Goober”…rather, it’s a nutty draw for a more serious cause. KLCC’s Brian Bull cracks the story.

The official Planters Nutmobile parked outside Crossfire Church in Eugene, site of a pop-up blood drive hosted by Bloodworks Northwest through Saturday.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Bloodworks hopes the Nutmobile attracts people who are nuts for kindness. Especially as the pandemic slogs on and looming winter weather means more perilous travel conditions.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Bloodworks Northwest says between the pandemic and colder weather, there’s greater need for blood donors. But headed into Thanksgiving, they’re 500 appointments shy of expectations.

Which is where the Planters NUTmobile comes in. Tyler Towne, one of several so-called “Peanutters” shows off the 26-foot long legume, parked outside Crossfire Church.

“We are up over about 170,000 miles over the past six years drawing people to these events, for a blood drive, because we know it’s such a crucial thing that’s going on in our world today,” Towne told KLCC.

Mark Smith of Bloodworks Northwest added COVID-19 protocols are being observed.

“We sanitize everything, we wipe down all the beds, everything, so it’s a very safe environment.  And it’s just an hour of their time, and after an hour you’ve impacted up to three lives.”

Mark Smith of Bloodworks Northwest (center) with the Peanutters outside Crossfire Church in Eugene earlier today.
Credit Brian Bull / KLCC

Bloodworks’s pop-up site at Crossfire is taking appointments through Saturday. They hope to cashew later, so you’d butter go nuts and make that call.

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