Board Will Interview 27 Candidates For East Lane Commission Seat

Apr 10, 2017

Lane County Commissioners received 29 applications from people interested in the East Lane board seat left open by Faye Stewart. Of those, 27 meet minimum qualifications. Commissioners will hear from each candidate in 5 minute interviews on Wednesday.

Map of District 5
Credit Lane County

The Board will narrow down the number of applicants after hearing from each one. The remaining candidate will have 2nd interviews in the afternoon. Lane County spokeswoman Devon Ashbridge says commissioners could make a decision that day.
 “Certainly, I don’t know that anybody was expecting to receive quite this many applications.” Ashbridge says, “But our commissioners have all expressed dedication to a thorough process. It’s one that they’re taking very seriously and they’re committed to spending the time necessary and needed.”
Applicants for the East Lane Board seat include a former County Commissioner, a former state representative, the mayor of Creswell and City Councilors from Creswell, Cottage Grove and Oakridge. The public is invited to attend Wednesday’s meeting to observe the interviews.

The applicants who met minimum requirements are:


·         James Barber, Springfield

·         Heather Buch, Eugene

·         Gary Carl, Oakridge

·         Charles Conrad, Dexter

·         Donald Elrich, Creswell

·         Michael Fleck, Cottage Grove

·         Jennifer Flint, Springfield

·         William Ganser, Eugene

·         Cedric Hayden, Fall Creek

·         Christy Inskip, Cottage Grove

·         Tim Laue, Blue River

·         Kevin Matthews, Dexter

·         Gary Mounce, Creswell

·         Donald Nordin, Cottage Grove

·         Thomas Price, Eugene

·         Rose Reinertson, Eugene

·         Alvin Riggs, Lowell

·         Laura Roman, Blue River

·         Betsy Schultz, Springfield

·         Robert Schutte, Pleasant Hill

·         Patrick Starnes, Blue River

·         David Stram, Creswell

·         John Tyler, Dexter

·         Cindy Weeldreyer, Cottage Grove

·         Thomas Wheeler, Cottage Grove

·         Gary Williams, Cottage Grove

·         Marie Wilson, Springfield