Boaters Warned of Obstruction in McKenzie River

May 1, 2019

Oregon State Marine Patrol deputies are warning boaters in Lane County about an obstruction on the McKenzie River. Two downed trees block a section one mile downstream from the Bellinger boat landing.

Credit Lane County

Lane County’s Sergeant Carrie Carver says that reports of river obstructions come from a variety of places. Many parts of the McKenzie aren’t visible from the highway, so information can come from boaters or people who have houses on the river.

“Our Marine Patrol deputies are routinely on the water, and a lot of times they’re the first ones to spot an obstruction,” Carver says. “They’re able to take pictures of it, scope it out, chat with folks who may even be putting in at that time in the boat landing upstream, and let them know about the obstruction.”

Carver calls on all boaters to wear life jackets and check the Oregon State Marine Board for hazards before going out onto the McKenzie.

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