Body In Amazon Creek Identified; Detective Dismisses 'Amazon Slough Slayer' Rumors

Apr 6, 2018

A man found floating in Eugene’s Amazon Creek has been identified. Eugene police say Dustin Nissen was reported missing March 26th.

Nissen's body was found in Amazon Creek at the Oak Patch Road bridge. Investigators say it's possible recent rains may have brought his body further down from another point.
Credit GoogleMaps

University of Oregon Police were pursuing the 31-year-old Eugene man on March 24th, after noticing erratic driving.  Nissen left his car while it was still moving at a dead-end near Amazon Creek. A search failed to find him at the time.

Eugene Police Detective Jed McGuire says Nissen’s death shows no signs of foul play.

EPD Detective Jed McGuire, talking to media about the identification of Dustin Craig Nissen's body. Authorities were notified of a body floating in Amazon Creek Thursday evening.
Credit Eugene Police Department

“There have been rumors floating around regarding the ‘Amazon Slough Slayer’, related to this death and another death which occurred on March 12th of an individual who died in the Amazon Slough," McGuire told press earlier today. 

"They are completely unrelated. That was a medical issue, and in this case this appears to be an accident.”

Detective McGuire says they’re continuing their investigation.

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