Brian Babb's Family Calls For Reform

Aug 12, 2015

The family of a veteran who was shot and killed by Eugene Police during a mental health crisis is proposing legislation to change how law enforcement deals with similar situations.

Brian Babb was killed in March. When police arrived at his house he was on the phone with his therapist. She says she was talking him down from a panic attack.

Brian's sister Stephanie spoke to reporters today at Eugene's Wayne Morse Plaza:

Stephanie Babb speaks at a rally Wednesday in Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. Her sister and mother look on.
Credit Rachael McDonald

Stephanie Babb: "My brother Captain Brian Babb was shot and killed by the Eugene Police Department on March 30th. They lacked the proper protocol, communication skill and training to respond with knowledgeable mindfulness needed to negotiate a veteran suffering from an invisible disability that he acquired by defending our freedom."

Stephanie Babb says the proposed law would require police to have a task force of veterans to help with situations involving other veterans.

Eugene Police Chief Pete Kerns last week announced the department is changing their approach to people in mental health crisis. An independent police commission is looking into the shooting of Brian Babb. Former Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner said the shooting was justified. Police say Babb was pointing a rifle at officers-- the rifle was later found to be unloaded.