Building Equity And Inclusion At The UO And Beyond

Apr 14, 2014

Meeting Date: Friday April 11, 2014

Air Date: Monday April 14, 2014

Diversity is central to the academic mission of the university. The meaning of diversity and how to makes it meaningful in the lives of UO students, faculty, and staff are the focus of the presentation by Alex-Assensoh. The UO has long been known as a place where talent is identified and nurtured. Programs and policies instituted by the Equity and Inclusion office are designed to create a more welcoming environment for all members of the community.

Alex-Assensoh’s office works to institutionalize equity and inclusion as part of the academic mission of the university. It sets out to offer a broad array of programs that ensure equitable access to all of the opportunities, benefits, and resources of the university. It aims to foster an understanding that diversity promotes excellence.

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