Campaign Works To Combat Stigma Against People With Disabilities

Sep 6, 2019

As part of the "Look Me In The Eye" campaign, advocates wave signs near roadways in an effort to raise awareness about inclusion.
Credit Photo courtesy of Oregon Supported Living Program

In 2009, Full Access and the Oregon Supported Living Program, started the “Look Me In The Eye” campaign. The initiative addresses exclusion that people with disabilities often face.

Both Full Access and OSLP provide services for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or I/DD. Gretchen Dubie, the executive director of OSLP, said the campaign gives adults with I/DD a platform.

Gretchen Dubie, Executive Director of Oregon Supported Living
Credit Melorie Begay/KLCC News

“It’s been a nice bridge in our community for people to just put aside all preconceived notions, all of the stigmatism that’s associated with a disability and just be human to human and make that human connection,” Gretchen Dubie, executive director of OSLP, said.

Dubie said the campaign does public talks and visits schools with adults with I/DD. They also support student led clubs that are based on the initiative.

10 years ago, then Mayor of Eugene Kitty Piercy signed a proclamation designating September as “Look Me In The Eye” month.