Central Oregon Affordable Housing Provider To Accept Waitlist Applications

Jan 11, 2019

People in Central Oregon who are interested in low-income housing vouchers can apply for the waitlist starting Monday. Folks will have one week to register, or update their information if they’ve never applied before.

Lesly Gonzalez, the director of Housing Works, says they receive around 3,000 applications for housing from Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties each year. But, the housing provider can only distribute 600 vouchers, she says, making it crucial for people to reapply.

“We want our families to reapply because the applications don’t carry over. We purge that wait list at the end of each year, sWe want everybody that did not get a voucher, was not selected to reapply the following year.”

Gonzalez says every person who reapplies will get a new spot on the waitlist. Anyone is welcome to apply, she says, and all positions on the waitlist will be randomly selected by a computer.