On Cesar Chavez's 90th Birthday, A Call To Recognize Immigrants And Farm Laborers

Mar 31, 2017

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has officially declared today “Cesar Chavez Day”.  Immigrant rights and farm worker groups are holding marches through the weekend to honor the famed Latino activist, and to protest President Trump’s immigration policies.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.  

Credit Oregon Dept. of Agriculture / Flickr.com

Cesar Chavez’s birthday on March 31st is the galvanizing date for groups like the United Farm Workers of America.  They’ve announced marches in Oregon, Texas, California, and Washington all weekend to raise awareness of immigrant workers and their role in agriculture. 

Cesar Chavez, 1972.
Credit U.S. National Archives / Flickr.com

Ramon Ramirez is with PCUN, an immigrant rights group based in Woodburn.  He says on what would be Chavez’s 90th birthday, undocumented immigrants are being unfairly targeted for deportation by the White House.

“Oregon is truly a agriculture-based economy," Ramirez tells KLCC.  "This is going to have a tremendous effect on our ability to proper economically in our state when you take away a major portion of the people that picks the crops, that provide a valuable service to our community.” 

Credit Bob Jagendorf / Flickr.com

Then-candidate Trump campaigned on building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, claiming there were “bad hombres” in the mix.  But several studies have shown that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans. 

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