Cheese And Thank You Fundraiser Benefits Douglas County Foodbank

Jan 31, 2020

Throughout February, restaurant-goers in Lane and Douglas County can support their local food bank by eating grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Credit Wikimedia commons

Sarah McGregor with UCAN food bank in Douglas County says it’s their first year to do what they’re calling “Cheese and Thank You”. 8 restaurants are offering specials including the Twisted Turkey at Bob’s Deli, The Drunken Grilled Cheese at Nellie’s, and even a vegan offering from Wrappin’ and Rollin. McGregor says a dollar from every grilled cheese sandwich sold goes to the food bank:

McGregor:  “A dollar can help us leverage about 4 pounds of food which is the equivalent of three meals for an individual. So, a whole day’s worth of food can be acquired with a dollar.”

McGregor says more than a third of the population of Douglas County accessed emergency food at one time over the past year. She says the county is at 14 percent for food insecurity.

Credit UCAN

And Food For Lane County’s “Grilled Cheese Experience” fundraiser is also happening in February.