Citing Market Challenges, GloryBee Lays Off Workers

Aug 9, 2019

Eugene-based company GloryBee let an estimated 30 employees go this week.   An official statement says circumstances in the market "required us to reduce our staff for the near future."

The natural foods producer and distributor’s president, Alan Turanski, says in a statement that while company revenues are stable, the costs of doing business and what the market currently allows GloryBee to charge is quote “not in balance.”

The statement goes on to say that 160 workers remain at the 45-year-old company, and that GloryBee is “extremely grateful” for the contributions of both past and present employees.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, one former production worker tells KLCC that the lay-offs happened without warning, but the company has tried to be as generous as possible with severance pay. It’s also assisting former GloryBee employees with reference letters and new job possibilities.

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