City Club of Eugene: Annual Gifts To The City

Dec 17, 2018

Recorded On: December 14, 2018
Air Date: December 17, 2018

The City Club’s unique “Gifts to the City” is our annual holiday program. Several community members graciously offer their virtual “gifts” to the city. These gifts may be serious, offbeat, ironic, amusing, inspiring, entertaining, and/or challenging. The speakers from various walks of life explain what they would give if they had the power to do so, and why they would make the gift.

Master of Ceremonies:
Dan Bryant is a native Oregonian who grew up in Albany, but who has lived across the country and in Europe before coming to Eugene in 1991 as the Senior Minister of Eugene’s First Christian Church. Dan  has a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry from the School of Theology at Claremont.  We know him well as a past president of Eugene City Club and currently as the videographer in the back of the room at our Friday forums.
Slug Queen Sluggita Incognita, also known as Kara Steffensen
Alice Gentry
Lesley-Anne Pittard
Jon Ruiz
John van Landingham
Ginevra Ralph
Louise Shimmel
Mary Leighton

Program Coordinator:
Jon Belcher