City Club of Eugene: Annual Turtle Awards

May 13, 2019

From the City Club of Eugene:

The Turtles will induct former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and the Executive Director of Community Alliance of Lane County (CALC) Michael Carrigan to their ranks.  The Turtle Committee, which includes all past Turtle Award winners, is honoring Kitty and Michael for fostering creative problem solving, stimulating constructive action, forging cooperative relationships, honoring diverse perspectives, and sticking their necks out, all qualities that are, at times, underappreciated by the public.  Kitty Piercy’s tenure as mayor was marked by major controversies and major improvements in downtown Eugene.  During the past 15 years, if there was a peace or social justice or environmental protection demonstration or event in Lane County, odds are that Michael Carrigan was there and probably helped organize it.

Marion Malcolm, a long time social activist, and Rev. Dan Bryant, pastor of the First Christian Church and housing advocate, both Turtles, will describe the struggles and achievements of Michael Carrigan.  Mayor Piercy’s accomplishments will be celebrated by Turtles Bill Morrisette, former state senator and longtime mayor of Springfield; Molly Stafford, who led the effort to fund the new library building; and Dave Funk, a public relations and advertising executive.

John Van Landingham, the first Turtle Award winner and advocate for affordable housing, will be the master of ceremonies for the Turtle awards.


2019 Turtle Award Winners–Former Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy and Senior Program staffer of Community Alliance of Lane County Michael Carrigan


Rev. Dan Bryant, Dave Funk, Marion Malcolm, Bill Morrisette, and Molly Stafford

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