The City Club of Eugene: Eugene’s Parks and Recreation, The Present and Future of Our Greatest Natur

Recorded on: Feb. 3, 2017

Air date: Feb. 6, 2017

Coordinator: Sandy Ericscon

Great cities have great parks and recreation systems and Eugene is home to some of the most impressive and treasured parks in all of Oregon. The benefits to our citizens include healthy opportunities for active lifestyles, personal growth in addition to a socially connected community with a prosperous economy and a diverse and healthy natural ecosystem.

Eugene Parks and Recreation provides all this and more. A two-year local community engagement process has resulted in a vision that builds on Eugene’s rich legacy and promises a robust, exciting and equitable system for all future generations. Come and learn more about the benefits of Parks and Recreation and what is being planned for the future. Climate change, the political tides and budgetary realities make it so important right now that each of us actively protect our parks.

Our panelists are experts in the field with a collective deep commitment to our natural world and all of us as we move through the phases of our lives here in Eugene.

Panel: Craig Carnagey, Parks and Open Space Director
Sandy Shaffer, Recreation Services Manager
Carolyn Burke, Parks and Open Space Planning Manager

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