City Club of Eugene: Measure 105: Repeal of Oregon's State Sanctuary Law

Sep 17, 2018

Recorded On: September 14, 2018

Air Date: September 17, 2018

For over thirty years Oregon law has prohibited the use of state and local resources to enforce Federal Immigration law if a person’s only crime is being in the country illegally. The original bill passed the Oregon House by a vote of 58 to 1 and the Senate by 29-1 in 1987 and was signed by Governor Neil Goldschmidt.

The Oregonians For Immigration Reform have gathered sufficient signatures to seek repeal of this statute by the ballot measure. A ”Yes” vote would repeal; a “No” vote would retain the current statute. Come out and hear the arguments for and against repeal form two speakers who leading the fight for their respective positions.

Many groups are lined up in favor and against Ballot Measure 105 and the candidates for governor split on the issue, with Governor Kate Brown (Democrat) opposing the measure and Knute Buehler (Republican) in favor of repealing the measure.


Reyna Lopez is the Executive Director of PCUN, Oregon’s tree planters & farmworkers Union. Previously she worked as Civic Engagement Director for Causa where she led the fight for Measure 88, which proposed access to driver’s licenses for undocumented Oregonians. She has received the Immigrant Award from the American Association of Immigration Attorneys of Oregon. She is also the Young alumni of the Year Award from her alma mater, Willamette University.

Jim Ludwick is a founder of Oregonians for Immigration Reform (2000) and currently serves as their communication director. He is very involved in the OFIR’s current Measure 105 campaign, known as Stop Oregon Sanctuaries. He has written and/or worked on four successful initiatives (two state and two city) and the 2014 Referendum Measure 88. He holds a BA degree from Long Beach State College (now Cal State-Long Beach).

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