City Club of Eugene: Two Koreas Under One Flag?

Feb 12, 2018

Recorded On: February 9, 2018

Air Date: February 12, 2018

With tensions rising in the Korean Peninsula with an increase in missile testing by North Korea, it was a surprise to many to hear that North and South Korea were in talks to field a joint Women's Icy Hockey team - under one flag - 27 years after the last joint team fielded by the two countries.

Dr. Song Nai Rhee recounts some of the history of the peninsula and shares his perceptions of the current situation between North Korea, South Korea, and the United States. Dr. Rhee discusses the prospects for continuing cooperation between the two countries, as seen in this month's PyeonChang Winter Olympics, and whether there will ever be a unification of the two Koreas.

Speaker Biographies:

Dr. Song Nai Rhee is the Academic Dean and Professor emeritus at Northwest Christian University and a Courtesy Research Professor at the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Oregon. A published author, Dr. Rhee received a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in Anthropology/Archaeology. He received the Ford Foundation/University of Oregon Grant for Field Research in Japan in l967 and 1968.

Jungah Lee, First Questioner, is a University of Oregon doctoral student in East Asian Languages and Literature, and is a native of Seoul, South Korea.

Program Coordinator: Randy Prince

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