City Club Hears Pros And Cons Of Measure 105

Sep 14, 2018

Oregon’s sanctuary law was up for debate Friday at the City Club of Eugene. Measure 105 on the November ballot asks if Oregon should repeal the more than 30-year old law.

Measure 105 supporter Jim Ludwick, of Oregonians for Immigration Reform; and Reyna Lopez, of PCUN, who opposes Measure 105. The two gave their perspectives at a City Club of Eugene forum.
Credit Rachael McDonald / KLCC


Oregon’s sanctuary law prohibits use of state and local resources to enforce federal immigration laws.

Jim Ludwick of Oregonians for Immigration Reform supports Measure 105. He claims undocumented immigrants are more likely to commit crimes.

Ludwick: “If you’re here illegally and you have no respect for laws, why would you all of a sudden get religion and say, oh, I’m going to obey those laws. They’re constantly told the laws don’t apply to them.”

But, Reyna Lopez, with PCUN, Oregon’s Farmworker’s union, opposes a repeal of the sanctuary law.

Lopez: “It doesn’t protect anyone who’s committed a crime. And getting rid of the law would open the gates to very serious civil rights violations simply because people are perceived to be immigrants.”

Both Ludwick and Lopez are children of immigrants.

You can hear the entire city club forum on Measure 105 on Monday night at 6:30 on KLCC.

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