City of Newport under Water Restriction, Working to Fix Problem

Jun 26, 2020


Credit City of Newport

On Wednesday, the City of Newport declared a temporary emergency, issuing a stage two water restriction. According to a city press release, Public Works Director Tim Gross wrote the city’s membrane filters at the water treatment plant are plugging due to an accumulation of iron over time.

The Newport City Council held an emergency meeting Friday, and extended the water restrictions through at least Monday. They also approved the purchase of $249,000 worth of materials to potentially fix the problem. A city council member clarified that the water is still drinkable, but they are asking people to conserve as much water as possible. 

Gross also wrote he can’t predict when the problem will be resolved, but is hoping to fix the issue by early next week. Newport City council is scheduled to discuss the matter again during their Monday city council meeting at 6pm.